Team & Partners

Board of Directors

Ahmad Darwish

Board Chairman

Mr. Darwish has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from NYC. He has 20 years of community leadership experience, providing many khutbahs, Islamic classes, and events, along with crisis management, fundraising, and strategic planning skills. He has held past MSA president and mosque youth leadership roles. His vision is to touch the hearts of as many people as he can and make a positive difference in their lives. He strives to bring tranquility and hope back to peoples’ hearts and shatter the possibility of sadness ever engulfig their hearts.

Ibrahim Toama

Board Vice Chairman and Treasurer

Mr. Toama is the Executive Chef for Aramark Food Services, providing employees with leadership training for 30 years. He was one of the five chefs chosen to prepare food for United Nation events for presidents, royals, and dignitaries, and at a top major golf tournament in the US, where they raised up to $700,00 for charity. Mr. Toama has used his experience in leadership, fundraising, and premium event preparation towards advancing activities in the Muslim community for 30 years.

Shaazad Asghar

Board Secretary

Mr. Asghar holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Eastern Connecticut State University. He has two decades of executive-level management experience in large companies, overseeing 500 employees. He now is a business owner. He has coordinated many community events for families, food drives and food pantry volunteering, and has previously founded a children’s and youth weekend school.

Imran Qazi

Board Director of Fundraising and Marketing

Mr. Qazi holds a bachelor’s degree in Justice and Law Administration and masters in International Relations from Western Connecticut State University. He is the former president of the Student Government, Justice and Law Club, and former board member at WCSU University Board. He has 15 years of fundraising experience, including for an Alzheimer’s disease cure through Tau Kappa Epsilon, university fundraisers, and at Danbury Masjid.

Board Advisors

Shakoor Khan

Community Advisor

Shaikh Mazharul Islam

Spirtual Advisor

Mohammad Khan

Community Advisor

Iman Kouvalis

Strategic Planning Advisor, Governance Advisor

Core Volunteer Team

Attia Zafar

Marketing, Food Drives

Abubakarr Tunkara

Finance, Sales

Atif Zafar

Local Humanitarian Relief Services

Aman Khan


Nabila Hasan

Graphic Design

Iman Kouvalis

Admin, Relief Research

We also have volunteers who support our mission on a short-term or project basis.
We thank all of our volunteers for their
dedication and generous support!


Our Partners

Collaboration with organizations with similar goals and missions are a great way to uplift families in need.
We have collaborated with the following organizations for relief services and community events in the past: