Boys and Girls Ages 12+ To Adult

Summer Youth Camp 2021

Join in on the fun and excitement. Basketball, soccer, competition, and an end-of-the-summer group field trip to Six Flags in NJ!

We are Sold Out!

Our bus is full.  If you would still like to join us, you are always welcome to meet us there at Six Flags. You can either purchase our package (Six Flags ticket + lunch) below or purchase on your own. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. WhatsApp: (203) 942-7870

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One Sporting Event Only

Boys And Girls Ages 12+ To Adult

  • Sports games (either soccer or basketball)
  • Reserved field for soccer
  • Lunch included at the event
  • Beautiful sports fields & park

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Zabihah Halal Lunch at Six Flags

Boys And Girls Ages 12+ To Adult

  • 1 big chicken sandwich + water bottle
  • Delivered from nearby Zabihah Halal restaurant
  • Only pre-orders are accepted by the restaurant
  • Last day to pre-order: August 6

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Six Flags Field Trip Only (Take Your Own Car & Meet Us There)

Boys And Girls Ages 12+ To Adult

  • One-day entrance ticket
  • Includes zabihah halal lunch (big chicken sandwich + water bottle)
  • A great day as a group together
  • Last day to register is July 31 or whenever the bus fills up, whichever comes first.

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Important Dates

Sun Jun 20

 Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer
Treadwell Memorial Park

Sun Jul 11

Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball
Treadwell Memorial Park

Sun Aug 1

Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer
Treadwell Memorial Park

Thurs Aug 19

Boys’ and Girls’ Field Trip
Six Flags (NJ), 5:30AM-10PM
Depart from Danbury, CT at 6AM sharp


Treadwell Memorial Park

53 Philo Curtis Rd
Sandy Hook, CT 06482



Six Flags Adventure Park

1 Six Flags Blvd.,
Jackson, NJ 08527

Who's Eligible?

You live in

Boys’ and Girls’
Ages 12+ To Adult

Note:  If you are not eligible, you still are very welcome to attend and enjoy the park.
You are also very welcome to join us at Six Flags and meet us there.
You may purchase your own entrance ticket here.

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When I pay, it tells me to click on "General Donation." Am I doing the right thing?

Yes. On the payment page, fill in your personal information requested, click on “General Donation” and then enter the amount you need to pay. For example, if you are paying $70, enter 70 in the field, and click on “Donate Now”. It will direct you to the credit card page.

Can I pay in cash?

Yes. You can fill out a registration form and pay at the sporting event. Please go to the registration table.

Do you have any financial aid available?

Yes. We do have limited financial aid from our generous sponsors. You would have to fill out a form to apply. Once approved, your fee will be waived. Please fill out the financial aid form here.

Can I pay for the Six Flags field trip at a later time?

Yes, please pay by July 5. However, it costs more to pay separately for the field trip. We recommend you purchase the Early Bird Special Bundle to save money and reserve your spot.

The Early Bird Special Bundle price expires on Jun 30.

Why can't the summer camp be cheaper?

We have taken steps to make a summer program that is of high quality. We strive to provide the highest quality experience for youth and families in our community. They deserve the best!

Therefore we have taken steps to ensure we have reserved fields, professional venues, great transportation and lunches. The actual value of the camp ticket is $140 per person but with generous sponsors we were able to almost cut this cost in half.  With other summer camps in the state costing $400-$1000 per child, it was critical to us that we provide a high quality program at an affordable price.  Our greatest hope is that you enjoy the program so we can continue to provide these events in the future!

Who is organizing this event?

Baitul Mukarram Masjid is partnering with Muslims For Humanity to organize the Summer Youth Camp for boys and girls in Greater Danbury, CT.

Are any Muslims For Humanity donations paying for this event?

No. Zero zakat or sadaqah donations that are given to Muslims For Humanity to distribute to local families in need are going towards this summer camp or any other community event.

The money for this summer camp is solely being paid for by ticket prices and sponsors of this event.

Do you have a family rate/price?

Because Six Flags does not give a family rate, we are unable to give a family rate.

I already have a Six Flags 2021 season pass. Do I get a discount on your Six Flags field trip price?

Yes. In this case, you would get $35 off the full price of our package. E.g. If it is $60 for our package, you would only need to pay $25, enough to cover the bus and the snacks included in the trip. Note: please ensure that your Six Flags season pass is activated first. According to the Six Flags website, your first visit needs to be at the park you bought the ticket at. E.g. If you bought the season pass from Six Flags New England, your first visit must be to this location. After that, according to the Six Flags website, you can use your season pass at Six Flags Great Adventure (NJ) and other Six Flags around the country. Please always check the Six Flags website for the most up-to-date information.

Do you give refunds?

Because Six Flags and the bus do not give refunds, therefore unfortunately we are not able to give refunds.

I am an adult with a family. Can I register for the lunch only?

Yes, you can register for lunch only on the sporting event days.  At the park, there are plenty of free things to do for all ages, so we hope you enjoy the park.

If you would like your family to receive lunch but you are not participating in the youth sports, please make sure to register and pay $6 per person or $20 for a family of 4 or more (immediate family members).

I have a child that is under 12, can he/she register and go to the Six Flags field trip?

Unfortunately, we do not have any programs designed specifically for children under 12 years old. However, you are more than welcome to drive to the park with your family and enjoy the park on the event date. You can meet us at the park and join us there, however, you will be responsible for your child at all times for the duration of the event at Six Flags.

Will food be provided for the field trip to Six Flags?

We provide a light breakfast and dinner snack. If you choose to purchase your own food at the park, you may do so. Please keep in mind that the food is expensive at the park and a meal could cost between $15-$30. We do offer a zabihah lunch that you can purchase ahead of time on our website.

Will the Six Flags ticket cover Waterpark (Hurricane Harbor) and Safari?

The ticket is only for the main park (Adventure Park) and does not include the water park Hurricane Harbor) or the Safari. Six Flags charges and extra fee for these parks. However, there are a lots of rides in the adventure park for a full day of enjoyment and group fun!

May I bring a friend who is not Muslim, or a friend who lives outside of the Greater Danbury area?

Yes, please have them register. He or she can participate in the sporting events only. He or she must sign a liability waiver form first before participating.

Can my parent or legal guardian attend or volunteer?

Yes, definitely. They are welcome to attend. Please have them contact us if they want to volunteer. WhatsApp: (203) 942-7870

Will there be transportation for parents who want to attend with their children?

Yes. If you are ages 12+ to adult and have purchased a Six Flags package with us this includes transportation.

The youth registered for the camp will be traveling with the youth group in order to provide a great road trip experience. We will provide separate transportation for parents who are signed up in sha Allah. Depending on the number of parents, we will either rent a large transportation vehicle, or organize car pooling if it is a small number.

Please note: if you are bringing your family that includes children younger than 12 years old you will need to take your own car and meet us at the park.

What if I want to take my own car and meet the group at Six Flags, but I want to buy the ticket and parking pass from you?

Yes, sure. In this case, you would only need to buy the Six Flags ticket for each member of your family, plus 1 parking pass for the day.

Have more questions? WhatsApp: (203) 942-7870